Chicken Momo Recipe | Chicken Dumpling recipe | How to make chicken Momo at home | Chicken Dim sum
09 Dec 2020

Steamed Momos are not only healthy but also very tasty, our all time favorite. I am sharing with you all how to make 4 different types of momos. This aata/chapati flour momos are soft on outside and juicy and flavorful on insides. Also sharing an easy to make tomato chutney recipe, which complements momos very well. Hit amongst children’s and definite hit at a party. do try and share your valuable feedback.

Quick Breakfast recipe | Instant Idli Recipe | Coconut Chutney recipe | Rava idli recipe
25 Nov 2020

In a hurry and want heathy breakfast to start your mornings, this Idli recipe is to go for, quick no fermentation, ready in minutes recipe. Also sharing fresh coconut chutney recipe to complement Idli. Freshness of coconut chutney is just irresistible. Eat idli-chutney as breakfast or take with you as brunch option. this is filling recipe to fuel your energy for hours. Do try and share your feedback.

भाकरवडी | Bhakarwadi Recipe | Perfect Bhakarwadi Recipe| Khasta Bhakarwadi| Diwali snack
12 Nov 2020

Bhakarwadi originated in Maharastra, a unique sack, just give a blast of flavors in your mouth. I often say this snack is dry chat recipe to take with you everywhere, tangy, sweet, spicy bite size snacks. Rolls made out with sweet and spicy chutney and flavored with many other spices and herbs. a crispy, yummy bite. Do try and share your feedback

भडंग | मुरमुरे चिवडा | Crispy spicy Bhadang recipe | Diwali snack | Kolhapuri Bhadang recipe
09 Nov 2020

Bhadang is speciality puffed rice mixture originated in Kolhapur, Maharastra,. This is by far the easiest snack to make. Make it as Diwali snack or a quick tea time snack and your guest wont be able to resist but to try it. Crispy Murmure/Mamra/Puffed rice tossed in spicy seasoning. Serve as it is or prepare it as bhel by mixing with onion, tomato, shev, lime juice just mouthwatering, I am gonna go fix one serving for this right now. Thanks for watching, do try and share your feedback.

Khasta Mathari recipe | Methi Mathari recipe | Masala Mathari recipe | Diwali snacks
06 Nov 2020

Mathari recipe is all time favorite be it snack during Diwali or a casual tea time snack, just make you want more. I am sharing 2 Katharine recipes with you, one methi mathari and another masala mathari, both recipes are crispy and flaky/khasta would just melt in mouth. Methi mathari is prepared with regular chapati flour and flavored with methi and crafted beautifully to satisfy your taste and eye buds 🙂 . Masala mathari is traditional recipe, chatpati, spicy mathari is sure to leave its mark. Both the recipes are easy to make, sure to impress your guests. do try and share your feedback

दिवाळी स्पेशल कुरकुरीत शेव | Spicy Sev recipe | Pudina Sev recipe | Shev Recipe | Diwali snacks
05 Nov 2020

Diwali is a colorful festival, why not reflect these colors in our food. I am sharing 2 amazing Sev recipes. One traditional Spicy Sev, and another chatpata Mint Sev. Both recipes are simple to make, ready in minutes. The Spicy Sev are crispy and gives the punch of flavor, while Green Mint Sev are very flavorful has unique blast of flavors of chatpata mint. Do try these recipes this Diwali, I am sure you and your dear ones love it. Let us know how it turned out.

भाजक्या पोह्यांचा चिवडा | Poha Chivda Recipe | Non fried Chivda recipe |
03 Nov 2020

Diwali brings happiness and variety of snacks along with it. This Diwali snack is made with roasted thin poha mixed with variety of nuts and spices, flavored with one of kind seasoning, crispy flavorful snack. This is a quick recipe ready in minutes. This is also a very good tea time snack. Do try this recipe and share your valuable feedback.

भाजणीची चकली | Chakali recipe | Bhajanichi chakali recipe | Chakali Bhajani recipe | Diwali snacks
30 Oct 2020

Crispy, tasty chakli is a star snacks of Diwali, my all time favorite. I am sharing a traditional bhajni chakali recipe. Bhajni /chakali flour is prepared with mix of lentil and rice, roasted to perfectness to bring out nice flavors. This chakali taste is worth the efforts needed to make bhajani. This chakali will definitely make your chakali most sought for snack this Diwali. Do try and share how it turned out. I am eager to hear from you all.

शंकरपाळी | Shakarpara Recipe | Namakpara Recipe | Sweet and Salty Shankarpali recipe | Diwali Snacks
29 Oct 2020

Every Diwali is not complete without Diwali snacks. I am sharing 2 traditional shankarpada recipes with you, sweet and salty. I have also shared baking option for those who prefer less oil. Both the recipes are sure to make crispy shankarpadas, which would just melt in your mouth. These can also be prepared otherwise and a perfect tea time snack. Try theses recipes this Diwali and share your feedback. Have a amazing Diwali all.

Onion Pakoda recipe | Onion Rings Recipe | Onion Bhajji recipe | Kanda bhajji | Quick snack Recipe
23 Oct 2020

2 snaks world apart, but so much alike, crispy and tasty. I always call onion rings as videshi onion pakoda/bhajji. Desi Onion pakodas is onion dipped in besan and fried till crisp, a true spicy, crispy tea-time snack. Videsi pacodas is onion rings dipped in white flour batter with hint of pepper powder and fried till crisp a nice on-the-move snack with ice cold milk shake. Do try these simple ready in 5 min recipes, I am sure you will like these.

साबुदाणा खिचडी | Sabudana Khichadi Recipe | Tapioca Khichadi recipe | Vrat recipe | Upawas recipe
18 Oct 2020

This Sabudana khichadi recipe is traditionally prepared for fasting. Tapioca/Sabudana soaked overnight, and cooked with peanuts based powder makes it a perfect combination. Not only during fasting, this recipe is liked by kids a lot, in fact a chance to eat sabudana khichadi, encouraged me and my siblings to do fasting and enjoy this unique recipe. I am sure that you and your family would love this recipe. do try and share your valuable feedback

🥞 Pancakes | Oats Pancakes| Wheat Pancakes| Eggless pancakes | Pancakes recipe| Milk Pancake recipe
11 Oct 2020

Nothing better than a morning starting with warm pancakes! These beautiful pancakes are sure to bring smile out of your loved ones. Easy to make, ready in minutes. These eggless pancakes are super fluffy, made with oats and wheat flour makes it healthier option, tastes super delicious with one of a kind milk sauce/syrup and fresh cream. Do try this easy recipe and share your valuable feedback.

Sandwich Bites | Sandwich Recipe | Best Vegetarian Party Snack | Crispy Snack Recipe | Potato recipe
05 Oct 2020

Bored of regular sandwich, try this “crispy” sandwich, irresistible savory bites. Paneer kababs sandwiched in crispy potato, along with onion, cheese and lettuce. This is popular party snack, loved by all ages. crispy and soft makes it perfect bite, do try and share your valuable feedback

Cajun Spice Potato | Barbecue Nation Cajun potatoes | Cajun potato recipe | Cajun recipe
29 Sept 2020

Cajun Spice Potato is crispy spiced potatoes topped with creamy sauce. Boiled potatoes marinated with cajun spice, fried and topped with mayonnaise based sauce. This is my personal favorite dish. Perfect recipe for party snack. Do try and share your feedback.

Veg Manchurian | Manchurian Recipe | Spicy Crispy Manchurian recipe
26 Sept 2020

Manchurian is all time favorite street food of us all. This is a vegetarian Manchurian recipe. Veg balls made with various vegetables, fried and then sauté in spicy Manchurian sauce. Loved by kids and adults equally. Garlic and Ginger gives this recipe a kick we all look for. Do try and share your feedback.

Savory Cupcakes | Instant Handvo Recipe | Healthy Cupcakes for breakfast | Handvo Recipe
21 Sept 2020

Tired of eating sweet cupcakes, try this one of kind Spicy, Super Soft Savory Cupcakes, Each ingrediants in this recipe has its unique taste and creates a great combo. These are healthy cupcakes easy to make. Enjoy as breakfast or evening snack. Do try and share your valuable feedback

पानी पूरी पानी | Golgappa Pani | Pani puri pani recipe | Pani puri water | Pani poori recipe
13 Sept 2020

Golpappa has as many names as that of different flavors for pani it is served with. In this video I have shared 3 refreshing Golgappa pani recipes with you, Spicy green, Sweet pani and White pani. I am sure that you will love these recipe. These can be enjoyed separately and can also be combined to make fusion pani.

खस्ता समोसा | Samosa Recipe | Healthy Samosa | Baked Samosa | Samosas 2 ways| Punjabi Samosa
27 Aug 2020

Samosa is world famous Indian snack. The crispy, flakiness of samosa and spicy potato filling is mouthwatering combo. A must try recipe. This recipe shows 2 ways to make Samosas with same dough and filling, no extra efforts needed.

सुप्रसिद्ध शेगाव कचोरी | हरे मटरकी खस्ता कचोरी | Green peas Kachori | Shegaon Kachori, crispy
21 Jul 2020

Shegaon is holy place in Vidharbha Maharastra. Shegaon Kachori is famous for the its unique memorable taste. This is my version of Shegaon Kachori. This khasta Kachori is stuffed with spicy green peas masala. Often enjoyed with fried chili and tea. a absolute must try

उपवासाचा कुरकुरित साबुदाना वडा | Crispy Sabudana Vada | easy, quick delicious recipe
21 Jul 2020

Vadaas are favorite snack among the Indians, there are different varieties of Vadas all over India. Sabudana vada is prepared during fasting | Vrat, but also enjoyed otherwise as morning breakfast to evening snacks This recipe has few ingrediants, soaked Sabudana mixed with potato, peanuts and green chili, fried in oil. Served hot with mint chutney, dahi / curd. A crispy treat to enjoy. Sabuna vada and Sabudna kichadi are made with same ingredients but has different taste and texture.

चटकदार कॉर्नफ़्लेक्स चिवड़ा | कॉर्नफ़्लेक्स नमकीन | Cornflakes Chivda | Quick 5 min snacks recipe
16 Jul 2020

Chiwada a snack mixture favorite among all ages. Conrflakes is one of the healthy and quick option to make mixture. No need to eat boring milk-cornflakes everyday, this is best alternative to enjoy cornflakes. Cornflakes tossed in spices and nuts with curry leaves makes it flavorful and tasty.