Tasty Jevan..

Welcome to my Page, “Tasty Jevan” In Marathi “Jevan” means food.

My name is Janhvi, I am Maharashtrian by birth. I grew eating spicy, tasty and authentic Marathi food made by my mum(aaichya hatche Jevan), which I loved a lot. But after marriage when I left Maharashtra I realized that not only Marathi food but I love all type of other cuisine as well. Tasty Jevan is all about making food. Here in this site I will share quick videos of my recipes.

You will see authentic/modern/fusion/quick/breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks/chat recipes. I love cooking for my family. I like to experiment with food, I strive to bring a smile out of my recipes from my loved ones. I will continue to drive my passion with cooking, as you all join me in this journey.