रोज़ मोदक | Rose Modak | Beautiful Rose Modak with surprise filling, Utsav Special Modak Recipe-8
20 Aug 2020

Rose is one of the popular flavor in sweets, this fusion recipe brings rose flavors in Modak. These modaks are unique in design and taste. It has surprise filling to complement the flavors of Modak.

पान मोदक | Paan Modak| Meetha Paan Modak recipe, without Mold | Ganesh Utsav Special Modak Recipe-7
19 Aug 2020

Paan is famous all over India. This Modak is infused with Meetha Paan flavors, brings it a refreshing taste. Sure to keep you mesmerized. Betel leaves mixed with Meetha pan ingredients like tootti – frooti, gulkand, fennel seeds. This is very easy and quick Modak recipe, no cooking required.

खजूर मोदक | Dates Modak | Healthy and Delicious Dates Modak Ganesh Utsav Special Modak Recipe-6
18 Aug 2020

Dates has a lot of health benefits, it is naturally sweet, and Modaks made with dates are heathier option. These modaks are made with dates paste roasted in ghee , mixed and stuffed with roasted nuts gives it crunch.

कॅरेट मोदक | Carrot Modak | Yummy Delicious Ganesh Utsav Special Modak Recipe-5
17 Aug 2020

This modak recipe is inspired by Gajar(carrot) Halwa, Carrot is an important ingredients for variety of sweets. These modaks are made with carrot and pista flavored mawa, non sweeten mawa balances the sweetness of modaks and enhances carrot taste to another level. This modak recipe is made with non-fat milk powder makes it s healthier modak.

चॉको मोदक | Chocolate Modak |Chocolate cake Modak| Kids favorite Ganesh Utsav Special Modak Recipe-4
16 Aug 2020

Modaks and chocolate are favorite of all kds. These chocolate modaks is loved by not only kids but also enjoyed by adults as well. This is a fusion recipe of Chocolate cake and coconut, sweetened by condensed milk with added crunch of nuts and chocolate chunks.

केसर पिस्ता मोदक | Kesar Pista Modak | Easy quick recipe Ganesh Utsav Special Modak Recipe-3
15 Aug 2020

These Modals are made inspired with classic combination of Kesar and Pista. Coconut based Modak, flavored with kesar and pista half and half taste great, you would surely want to eat more.

संत्रा मोदक | Orange Modak | Filled with Chocolate & nuts Ganesh Utsav Special Modak Recipe-2
14 Aug 2020

Modaks are favorites of lord Ganesha. This is fusion modak recipe of orange flavor mawa filled with chocolate chunks and toasted crushed nuts

उकडीचे मोदक | Ukadiche Modak | Two ways – Ganesh Utsav Special Modak Recipe-1
13 Aug 2020

Modak is popular Maharashtrian Recipe, Modaks are favorites of lord Ganesha. Ukadiche Modak is traditional steam modak. These modaks are filled with coconut jaggery mixture wrapped with beautiful layer of rice flour. The combination of rice flour coconut and jaggery with hint of cardamom taste device Modaks are favorite among all. This is my recipe of ukadiche modak