मेथीचे लाडू | मेथीके लड्डू | Methi Ladoos

Prep time
30 min
Cooking time
1 hr
Cousine / Course
Indian sweet

Ingredients Methi Ladoo

  • खोब्र / नािरयल / Dry Coconut – 250gm
  • तीळ तेल / तील तेल / Sesame Oil – 500 ml
  • खारीक / Dry dates – 250 gms
  • मेथी दाना/ Fenugreek – 200 gms
  • बदाम / Almonds – 50 gms
  • काजू / Cashew – 50 gms
  • गोडंबी / भाल्लाटका / Marking nuts – 50 gms
  • मनुका / िकश िमश / Rasins – 50 gms
  • िडंक / गोंद / Edible Gum – 125 gms
  • गहु पीठ / गेहू आटा / Wheat flour – 600 gms
  • इलायची / Cardamom powder – 1 tsp
  • जायफळ / Nutmeg – a little
  • गुड़ / Jaggery crushed- 600 gms

Instructions – Making Ladoos

  1. Heat pan on low-med roast fenugreek seeds until light golden, keep it side and cooled down, then grind it to coarse powder using mixer grinder
  2. Grate whole coconuts
  3. Heat pan on low-med, now roast grated coconut in two batches, add two tbsp oil for each time while roasting coconut. Keep it side once coconut gets light golden color
  4. Take dry dates deseed them and make coarse powder in grinding jar. Roast dry dates powder on low-med heat for 1-2 min, add 1 tbsp oil while roasting, once done keep it side
  5. Similarly grind almonds to coarse powder, Roast almond powder on low-med heat until light golden in color, add 1 tbsp oil while roasting, keep it side
  6. Grind Cashew to coarse powder, Roast cashew powder on low-med heat until light golden in color, add 1 tbsp oil while roasting, keep it a side
  7. Grind Marking nuts to coarse powder, Roast Marking nuts powder on low-med heat until 1 min, add 1 tbsp oil while roasting, keep it a side
  8. Now chop resins and roast them for 1 min, add oil while roasting, keep it aside
  9. Add 3-4 tbsp oil in pan, add 1-2 tbsp edible gum and fry it on low-med, grinding gum before frying helps in frying.Repeat for remaining gum keep it side
  10. Now in leftover oil add wheat flour and roast it same on low-med heat, add oil in between while roasting, once wheat flour gets light golden in color turn of heat
  11. Mix all roasted ingredients together, add 1 tsp cardamom powder and little nutmeg powder
  12. Heat pan on medium add jaggery and half cup water, cook until jaggery dissolves and mixer gets little thick
  13. Now add jaggery syrup to dry mix, strain syrup while adding to remove impurities from jaggery
  14. Mix everything together, take small portion and make rounds
  15. Delicious, energy booster ladoos are ready


  1. After 3-2 days these ladoos taste even better as all the flavors are absorbed well and no bitterness
  2. Jaggery quantity can be increased upto 750 gms depending on your liking
  3. Make sure to roast all ingredients well on low-med heat to avoid burning
  4. Jaggery syrup should not be too thick, doesn’t need string consistency

How to serve

  1. Served as morning breakfast, sure to provide energy for whole day


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