गुलकंद / Gulkand Ice cream

Prep time
10 min
Cooking time
0 min
Cousine / Course
Indian Sweets

Ingredients Rose Ice cream

  • Fresh cream – 2 cups
  • Condensed Milk -2 tbsp
  • Rose Syrup – 2 tbsp
  • गुलकंद / Rose petal spread – 1 tbsp
  • Dried rose petals – 3-4


  1. Take fresh cream in a bowl, whisk for 5 min if using machine, otherwise whisk till cream turns frothy and light
  2. Add condensed milk, Rose syrup, Gulkand to the cream, mix well. You would get nice pink color
  3. Take a container with air tight lid, transfer fresh cream mixture to this container, level it.
  4. Add little rose syrup and crushed rose petals on top, use toothpick to give design of your liking.
  5. Cover with plastic wrap, close the lid and put in freezer overnight 10-12 hours
  6. After freezing you would get nice flavorful, soft rose ice-cream

How to serve

  1. Serve chilled!


  1. Readymade whipped cream can also be used
  2. Hand whisking cream is also an option, but takes longer to get frothy consistency
  3. Covering with plastic wrap prevents ice crystals in ice-cream while freezing
  4. Additional sugar is not needed as sugar from condensed milk, syrup and gulkand makes it sweet


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