This recipe is inspired from my granny who use to cook in clay oven fired with sticks, (Chool in marathi). This is the best looking mutton curry ever, it has unique preparation, roasting masala directly on the flame gives this recipe a nice smokey flavor and that enticing black color. Enjoyed often with Bhakari, but goes well with roti, chapati, or rice. Spicy and flavorful mutton curry for the perfect weekend, do try and share your feedback

Steamed Momos are not only healthy but also very tasty, our all time favorite. I am sharing with you all how to make 4 different types of momos. This aata/chapati flour momos are soft on outside and juicy and flavorful on insides. Also sharing an easy to make tomato chutney recipe, which complements momos very well. Hit amongst children’s and definite hit at a party. do try and share your valuable feedback.

Craving for Biryani, but don’t have enough time, this is the recipe to go for. Ready in minutes and as flavorful. Eggs marinated in spices cooked with rice to perfection. added veggies gives this more flavors complements the test of this pulao…..err Biryani. Guaranteed pleaser, try it you won’t be disappointed. share your valuable feedback.

Tasty food doesn’t have to be oily, this is tandoori fish recipe is made with no oil. Tandoori fish marinated with my own tandoori masala, made from scratch and cooked directly on flame to get the tandoori taste and texture. After marination the fish can also be cooked in oven to same results.Do try this easy tandoori fish recipe with income ingredients and share your valuable feedback

Easy Biryani recipe, mess free pressure cooked. Mutton pressure cooked with biryani ingredients and then slow cooked with layered rice to create dum effect and flavorful biryani. This recipe will give you a soft flavorful mutton and aromatic rice , just a perfect biryani. Guaranteed hit at party or among friends and family. Do try and share your feedback.

We all crave for that Dhaba style chicken every so often, well now its easy to to enjoy the same taste at home. I am sharing this quick chicken recipe. When you are in hurry, but still want a tasty chicken recipe for your last minute guest, this is the recipe to go for. Very easy to make. Chicken cooked in masala to perfection. Goes well with Rice, roti, naan, chapati.

“Chili fish” is often enjoyed it as street food or starter cuisine at a restaurant. Rich flavorful fish coated in spices and cooked in soy sauce balances the taste very well. This is easy recipe, ready in minutes and a definite hit in parties loved by all. Do try this recipe and share your valuable feedback.

Thai curry is my all time favorite, creaminess of coconut and unique spices makes this a delightful combination. Lamb cooked in this this red sauce just enhances the flavors to another level. This curry combines so many unique flavors together, subtle flavor of lime, tanginess of tamarind, and creamy/sweet flavor for coconut, makes me crave for Thai curry every time. Do try and let us know if you like it.

Orange Chicken if western dish enjoyed by all ages. This is sweet and spicy at the same time. This is easy recipe to make restaurant style orange chicken at home. Crispy chicken sautéed in orange sauce and honey give chicken a fresh taste. Loved by kids, a very good party snack or serve as side with fried dish. Do try and share your valuable feedback.

Chicken rolls are one of it kind fusion recipe, healthy but tasty chicken snack. Chicken breast stuffed with veggies and cooked together as roll. This is a easy recipe, healthy breakfast/ dinner option for health conscious and foodies at the same time. do try and share your valuable feedback

Mutton Kolhapuri is speciality mutton recipe from Kolhapur region in Maharastra. This is well known for its spicy flavors and rich taste. Mutton cooked in cashew, poppy seeds, seasame seeds based curry. This mutton recipe is juicy and elevated mutton to another level a must try. do try and share your valuable feedback

Chicken is a lean meat and good source of protein, Chicken lollipops are tasty and Crispy starters/snacks. In this video I shared 3 ways of cooking including healthy options. You can enjoy same crispy and yummy Chicken lollipops by any method. Do try this recipe and share your valuable feedback.

Bhuna means roast. In this recipe mutton is roasted and then cooked slowly with spices, this process infuses mutton with nice spicy roast taste. The tender flavorful mutton is very delicious.

Chicken Curry is made in various ways all across India, this is a traditional authentic  recipe from Khandesh. Khandesh is a region in North Maharastra.  This is spicy Chicken curry. Chicken cooked in turmeric and salt, added to the Masala prepared in traditional Khandeshi way. Spicy flavorful taste to remember. Often eaten with Chapoti / Bhakari / Rice. 

झटपट मेथी चिकन | मेथी मुर्ग | Methi Chicken | Quick and simple healthy recipe
19 July 2020

Flavors of Methi and Chicken makes it very good combination. Chicken cooked in spices mixed with Methi leaves brings out unique taste to crave for. This is a very good addition to the party menu, and loved by all. Share, Subscribe and Follow me on.