दाळ बट्टी | Dal bati Recipe | Dal Batti recipe | Maharashtrian Dal Batti
23 Nov 2020

Trying to cut down in oil / fried items, and miss tasty batti. This recipe would end your wait. A perfect healthy batti recipe, pan baked to perfection would give you crispy on outside and soft and flaky on inside texture. Serve with Dal just make it perfect combination. Easy to make ready in minutes, eat guilt free, Do try and share your valuable feedback

Paneer Tikka Pizza | Veg pizza | Paneer pizza recipe | Pizza Hut Recipe | Easy Pan Pizza recipe
15 Oct 2020

Pizza is just yum and irresistible. Very well liked food for movie night, party or a celebration. This paneer tikka pizza recipe is very simple ready in minutes, and taste better than outside pizza. Pizza base is made from scratch, no yeast and no oven recipe, baked in a pan. Pizza topped with tasty Paneer tikka and veggies to go with it. I am also sharing my instant sauce recipe I am sure you will like it. Do try and share your feedback

चटणी भाकर ठेचा | Kadanyachi Bhakar | Bhakar recipe | Thecha Recipe | Peanut Chutney Recipe
11 Oct 2020

I grew up eating Kadanyachi Bhakari! made by my mum, Uff just mouthwatering! I am sharing my all time favorite recipe, I crave for this all the time. This Bhakari is flavorful and filling, made with black gram/ urad flour and paired with green peanut/red garlic chutney or zanzanit thecha, mango pickle, onion. Often enjoyed as dinner. Ready in minutes with simple ingredients. Do try and share your valuable feedback

पुरण पोळी | Puran Poli | Puran Poli recipe | Super soft and delicious puran poli | Puranachi Poli
17 Sept 2020

Puran poli is Maharashtrian popular sweet dish. Puran Poli prepared on several occasions in Maharastra and brings so many childhood memories. This is very close to heart recipe. Puran poli is basically chana dal and jaggery mixture stuffed in paratha. This delicacy is enjoyed with Ghee.

हरियाली आलू पराठा | Aaloo Paratha | Aaloo Palak Paratha | Soft parathas perfect breakfast recipe
25 Aug 2020

Aaloo paratha is world famous food, enjoyed by all. This Haryali Aaloo paratha recipe is a fusion recipe. It enhances color and taste of traditional aloo paratha with a twist of Spinach. I found this to be a very good way to include spinach in kids meal. Do try and let us know your feedback

दूधी थेपले | लौकी पराठे | Dudhi Theple | Tasty, healthy quick breakfast recipe, ready in minutes
05 Aug 2020

Thepale/ Parathe / Dhapate are quick byte meal, enjoyed by all, Often paired with variety of Chutnies, Curd, onion on sides. Thepale is also a very good travel food. Dudhi thepale are made with grated Dudhi / Bottle gourd mixed with flour and enhanced with spices. This is my version of this recipe

दाळ बट्टी | दाल बाटी | Daal Baati | Perfect recipe for Crispy outside and soft inside Batti
26 Jul 2020

Batti is a Maharastrian version of the Bati. This is type of bread served with Daal / Lentil. This steamed and deep fried balls made out of coarse wheat flour and spices. Traditionally Bati is crushed and topped it with hot Daal and Ghee. This is a must try recipe.

सुपर सॉफ्ट तवा नान | Tawa Naan | Restaurant style naan at home easy naan recipe, no oven, no yeast
22 Jul 2020

Naan is most famous bread all over the world. Naan is enjoyed with variety of curries, Subjies, Daals. This Tawa Naan recipe is very simple. Anyone can make this naan at home with basic in home ingredients. It does not need Oven/ Tadoor. This Naan is made with mix of wheat and white flour and baked on Tawa. This is yeast free naan. Use of wheat flour makes it healthier.