Instant Idli | Rava idli | Breakfast recipe

Prep time
30 min
Cooking time
12 min
Cousine / Course

Ingredients Idli

  • रवा / सूजी / Semolina – 1.5 cup
  • दही / Curd – 1 cup
  • मीठ / नमक / Salt – as per taste
  • जीर / जीरा / Cumin seeds – 1 tsp
  • Eno/ Fruit salt – 1/2 tsp
  • Ghee for greasing mould

Instructions – Making Idli

  1. Take mixing bowl, add sooji/Semolina, curd, 1/4 cup water, salt, mix well
  2. Add about 1/4 cup more water and mix well
  3. Cover and set aside for 20-30 min
  4. After 30 min, mix batter again,
  5. While keeping batter side sooji absorb moisture and batter gets thicken, so need to add little more water to get pouring consistency
  6. Add Cumin seeds and Eno to the batter, mix well, Idli batter is ready!
  7. Now prepare idli steamer, grease idli mould and pour batter to mould to fill about 3/4 of each section
  8. Add the idli mould to steamer, steam for 12 min
  9. After 12 min, turn off heat, let cool down for 2 min, and the demo-led idlis
  10. Soft, tasty instant idli is ready!


  1. Keeping batter aside is important so that sooji will soak moisture, and gets soft idli
  2. You can also add grated carrots/ green pepper to the idli batter

How to serve

  1. Serve warm
  2. Serve with Chutney, Sambar


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