चॉको ऑरेंज बर्फी| Chocolate Orange Barfi | Refreshing flavors of Orange Chocolate and crunch of Almond

Prep time
5 min
Cooking time
Cousine / Course
Indian Sweets


  • तूप / घी / Ghee – 3 tbsp
  • दूध पावडर / Milk Powder – 2 cups
  • दूध / Milk – 1 cup
  • साखर / शक्कर / Sugar – 1/4 cup
  • कोको पावडर/ Cocoa powder – 2 tbsp
  • ऑरेंज पील कैंडी। Crushed Candied Orange
  • Roasted बदाम / Almonds – 1 tbsp crushed
  • संत्रा सिरप / Orange syrup
  • Silver foil

Making Mawa

  1. Heat pan on low-medium heat
  2. Add ghee and milk powder, mix well roast for 5-6 min and make sure to stir continuously while roasting. This avoids milk powder from burning at bottom
  3. After roasting add milk to the pan and mix well, avoid lumps from forming
  4. Cook till mixture solidifies. Mawa is ready
  5. Add sugar to Mawa and cook till sugar dissolves in Mawa completely
  6. Divide Mawa in two portions 3/4 and 1/4. we use 3/4 Mawa to make base and 1/4 to make top portion of Barfi
  7. Add cocoa powder to base portion and mix well
  8. Add crushed candied orange and almonds mix well, base portion is ready. Set aside
  9. Now add top portion Mawa in pan, add orange syrup and cook till mixture solidifies. top portion is ready, turn of heat
  10. Once both mixture cool down little, Lets set Barfi

Setting Barfi

  1. Take little amount of ghee and spread all over to your palms and on flat plate.
  2. Take base portion/Chocolate Mawa first, massage it with greased palms and make it smooth.
  3. Spread chocolate Mawa with hand about 1/2 inch thick square on greased plate. Use spatula to smooth all surfaces
  4. Now take top portion/Orange Mawa apply on top of chocolate Mawa and spread evenly, cover brown square with orange Mawa completely
  5. Smooth orange layer using spatula
  6. Leave Barfi square for 25-30 min
  7. Apply edible silver wrap/Chandi warak.This set is optional, sliced almonds also can be use to decorate Barfi
  8. Cut Barfi to your desired size pieces


  1. Before adding milk powder, make sure that pan is not too hot
  2. For more sweetness increase sugar up to half cup
  3. Fat-free milk powder can be used for healthier option


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