टमाटर सूप | Healthy Tomato soup with Garlic Bread | Easy Tomato Soup recipe | Garlic bread recipe
21 Dec 2020

A perfect winter recipe to keep you warm, easy to make ready in 10 min. Tomato soup has nice smooth creamy texture and spicy creamy taste. Paired with crisp garlic bread, a perfect combo. Garlic bread is ready under 5 min. Scratch made with garlic flavored butter gives the bread a fresh garlic taste.Do try these recipes and share your feedback

क्रीम ऑफ़ मशरूम सूप | Cream of Mushroom Soup | Mushroom Soup Recipe| No cream added| Ready in 10 min
03 Sept 2020

Everybody likes nice warm soup to start their meal. There are variety of soups. Mushroom soup is creamy, rich in texture and taste. This recipe is healthy way of making mushroom soup and get that rich taste without cream. Mushroom cooked with garlic brings nice flavors to this creamy mushroom soup. Serve with toasted bread for crunch and byte. Do try and let us know your feedback

झटपट / Quick Corn soup recipe | Healthy soup ready in less than 10 min
12 Jul 2020

Corn is one of the popular options in soups, it is healthy and wholesome, Corn is naturally sweet and creamy, which gives very good flavor and texture to the soup. This is a simple recipe with just two ingredients. Corn is also rich in protein and fiber and a healthy option for any meal, loved by all ages.