Egg Pulao Recipe | Anda Pulao recipe | Masala Egg Pulao | Quick and easy Egg Biryani Recipe
1 Dec 2020


Craving for Biryani, but don’t have enough time, this is the recipe to go for. Ready in minutes and as flavorful. Eggs marinated in spices cooked with rice to perfection. added veggies gives this more flavors complements the test of this pulao…..err Biryani. Guaranteed pleaser, try it you won’t be disappointed. share your valuable feedback.

मटण बिर्याणी | Mutton Biryani Recipe | Dum Biryani Recipe | Mutton dum biryani in pressure cooker
21 Nov 2020


Easy Biryani recipe, mess free pressure cooked. Mutton pressure cooked with biryani ingredients and then slow cooked with layered rice to create dum effect and flavorful biryani. This recipe will give you a soft flavorful mutton and aromatic rice , just a perfect biryani. Guaranteed hit at party or among friends and family. Do try and share your feedback.

चटपटीत तवा पुलाव | Tawa Pulao | Bombay style Tawa Pulao | Chaupati special Pulao | Tava pulav recipe
08 Oct 2020


Tawa Pulao is a close cousin of Pav Bhaji, a flavorful rice recipe. Not sure what to do with leftover rice, try this quick recipe, add some chopped veggies and pan bhaji masala, ready in minutes. Do try this easy recipe and share your valuable feedback

कोळंबी फ्राइड राइस | Shrimp Fried Rice | Prawns Fried Rice | Fried rice recipe | Shrimp Recipe
06 Sept 2020


All time favorite fried rice recipe made with Shrimp, loved by all ages. This is quick and simple recipe ready in minutes, sure to complement your busy lifestyles. Fried rice made with juicy shrimps gives this recipe a nice flavor. Must try recipe. Do try and let us know your feedback.

चविष्ट वांगी भात | Vangi Bhat | Spicy, flavorful Rice and Brinjal recipe, a complete meal
24 Jul 2020


Vangi bhat is a South Indian dish, originated in Karnataka, but enjoyed all across India. Taste of Brinjal mixed with spices brings unique taste to this recipe. Flavorful blend of rice and fried Brinjal with hint of sourness. Often enjoyed with Raita, curd, papad.

Tasty flavorful वेज दम बिरयानी | Veg Dum Biryani | As good as restaurant aromatic, must try recipe
29 Jul 2020

Biryani is most popular dish in the world. Vegetable Biryani is rice and vegetable slowly cooked in aromatic spices. Paneer, tofu and soya-chunks can be added along with vegetables to the veg biryani. This is mess free recipe than traditional version. Biryani goes well with raita. Do try my veg dum biryani recipe.