संदेश | Sandesh Recipe | 4 Refreshing natural flavors & Colorful Sandesh | Sondesh recipe
Sept 30, 2020

Sandesh is world famous Indian sweets, originated in eastern India. This a colorful twist to conventional recipe. Also brings refreshing fruit /flower flavors to make it one of its kind. This sweet is made with milk, curdled to make paneer, colored and sweetened with various natural fruits and flowers. Not only this is treat to eyes but a delight to taste buds.

रोझ-गुल्ला | RoseGulla | Rasgulla | Soft spongy Rasgulla with surprise Rose twist
Jul 25, 2020

Rasgulla is world famous Indian sweet, originated in East India, Soft spongy delight, favorite among all ages kids to adults. This is a fusion recipe of traditional rasgulla. It has a hidden twist of rose flavor and color. A absolute treat to eyes and the taste buds.